Quick update from my I phone.


We have been struggling with the Internet and getting on line. One of the biggest issues in living life off  grid and not in the normal format. However we have a £1.99 a day unlimited data access from O2 and have finally been able to access our site via the almighty I phone. So here goes.

Since my birthday we have had

1. no birthday meal as the town decided to shut as it was Wednesday. Bread and cheese again but still scrummy. We were able to walk in sunshine though


2. A collision with a double glazing van that luckily only damaged the mirror and flasher upon it. He was well over our side of the road and the legality of completing insurance forms ensued

3. A scary trip up a single track harepin bend mountain pass which saw me downing three triple whiskeys as soon as we parked up. We decided that a different Aire looked more enticing so plugged the co-ordinates into Margret and followed her directions not knowing that she had found a very direct route straight up the side of the mountain. Three of the bends required a stop reverse and another go at it. We had a car behind us who must have thought us mad for even attempting it. If there had been anywhere to turn around I would have done so.I had little sleep that night despite the whiskeys as I was worried about the next day and coming  down the mountain. As it happened the route down was fine but the Aire book was out of date – no water no waste and no chemical toilet emptying point. We think the village had had enough of lunatic motorhome drivers in the past.


4. An amazing day in Bordeaux


Where we stayed at a vineyard and had a happy evening tasting their produce.




5. A magical trip through the midi Pyrenees and twisty passes to the south of France overhanging rock faces and small rock tunnels which we squeezed through. Stunning views. Stopping at Condom en route


6. We are now in Gruissan with miles of empty beeches. Tomorrow we will investigate the ancient castle and town but right now as I type we are doing the laundry (living the dream) after a day of sorting things out in the van and after 6 weeks of searching we found our “go confidently in the direction of your dreams” plaque.


We have an ongoing diesel leak and the radiator is going through antifreeze like it’s going out of fashion but we are RAC covered and will get both checked out before we venture on too much further




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