Its me Burfday’

Wednesday 02/11/2016 Gids

Yep i’m 51 today. My 50th celebration seems like a lifetime ago what a party that was and its hard to believe that we had not even thought of this great adventure then. So here we are, sitting beside a small marina just north of Bordeaux in sunshine. The last few days have been superb and as I have internet today I thought I would add them and some photos to the blog. We intend to walk to the beech and village today – both less than a kilometer away, come back sit in the sun with a book and then wander over to the small run of seafood restaurants for our first meal out. will update later –

Under is the last few days. We have had a real issue uploading photos to the site so very few attached I’m afraid.

30/10/2016 Sunday Angie

So on a Sunday we decided that as everywhere will be shut – as it should – we would take a leisurely morning breaking camp – which involves rolling up the ground sheet, unplugging the electrical cable, emptying the loo and driving off- find a garage for some diesel and auto gas for the gas canisters as they were looking a bit empty and going about 10k down the road to a beach side Aire. We were kindly directed to a supermarket by the girl at reception and arrived at 12.25 just as the supermarket was closing as was the pay at counter petrol station. The auto gas point was not a 24 hr one so had to be paid for at the counter that had just closed, unsure what to do and not wanting a criminal record for steeling gas we decided to go back the next day.


We found the Aire GPS n45,69193 w1,8896  – right on the beech and set off for a walk along the promenade that was heaving with life, bars, music, and what seemed be all of the people who had not been in all of the other towns and villages in the first 10 days in france. We came back got out our chairs opened a bottle of red and sat watching the sun set over the lagoon. Unfortunately it took a little longer to set than we thought so we had to open a second bottle, what a shame. Stunning setting and superb views.

We were in shorts and T shirts the passer by, all wrapped up must have looked at us on the hill in sunshine drinking wine and thought we were quite mad.

31/10/2016 Monday Gids

What a way to start the day! A 10 k run 6k of which was along a deserted sandy beech I was the first to run it with virginal foot prints on the sand first going one way and then back the other way using the subsided German world war II gun emplacements as the logical turning point. The sun was rising and the Atlantic waves crashing on the shore. Absolutely the most stunning Morning run I have ever done and Molly loved every moment of it too.

Then came the need to fill up with food Diesel and Gas. All found at Super O. Having never filled up with gas before I was slightly nervous and all the instructions were in French, a little help from the Girl from Sunday who was just thinking of  locking to lock up again we finally managed to fill from empty to full for the pricely sum of 18 Euros for both canisters. They lasted 2 months from full so that is not too bad – Note to self – fill up Before we return to Blighty. The cupboards brimming with food wine and booze we can venture on now however because the Aire was so good and the area so lovely we think we will stay another day especially as the beach is crying out to be ran and swam and we still have a lighthouse to walk or cycle to.

01/11/2016 Tuesday Angie

Gids ran to the light house and back this morning 11k in total and then we went for a 10k walk to the German WWII gun emplacements that Gids ran to yesterday.It was a lovely walk a bit cold on the way there and we were wrapped up in fleeces but still braved shorts. On the way back it got really warm again and we were back to T’ shirts again. We did not realize but the beech had a naturalist part and we only caught on to this when I saw a bronzed body in all its glory on the sand dunes and then saw a few more tucked away discreetly – wow they must be hardy nudists to brave the cold like that although it probably was warm in the lie of the wind. We had decided to try out a France Passion vinyard farm fir the night just outside Bordeaux with  the hope of finding a parkand ride service to the city center for Gids Birthday but we were in desperate need of water so decided to stop at an Aire en-route to fill up and also check the battery situ’. We are so glad we did, we have stumbled on a lovely village and yacht marina at Meschers-sur-Gironde. 7Euros a night including electric and internet. GPS n45,55614 w0,9451 We have decided to stay here and walk over to the Fish restaurants tomorrow to celebrate Gids 51st.



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