The first 5 weeks


img_5020-210th October 2016 Titchfield – Its now been 5 weeks since we collected Catori and ventured out in the big wide Yonda with her. The blog has been void of updates mainly due to the lack of the internet and a new laptop that had not been set up right by Currys. The internet seems to be one of the hardest issues to sort cheaply but we will do what we can to sort it by the time we head off.

So hows it been? Well actually – A MAY ZING!

Angie had to stop work as we have our gorgeous Molly that needs to be slowly trained to the way of living life on the road and to know that if we leave her (because we cant take her with us) we WILL return. She no sooner gets used to an area and then we are off again, although we will have been at Titchfield for 3 weeks waiting for the last bits of documentation to come back from D.V.L.A. so we can set off for France. Angie has therefore been retired for 6 weeks and is luvin’ it! Walking everyday 4-8 miles and I have been finished for a week. At the moment it just feels like being on holiday for me. The weather has been ace for October and we have been in shorts and flip-flops for most of the days so far. All our friends have wanted to come and see us – (Actually we think the Motor-home, to see the box that their once sensible friends will be spending the rest of their lives in) It has been so busy and so lovely to see everyone.

Since 1st September we have traveled to Oxford for two days and Spied the Spires, moved on to North Norfolk and walked the deserted beeches and juggled for space among the largest number of old people we have ever seen in Sherringham where we were the only non-bus pass passengers on a pretty full bus. We have Slipped and skidded our way up a very scary steep and windy road called “The Twist”  to a 5 van site for a night outside Watford, had 10 lovely days in Nutbourne where Angie walked to Bosham Emsworth and Chidham most days and are now ensconced overlooking The Solent and the Isle of Wight on a superb 5 van site at Titchfield. Some folks pay millions for view like this, we pay £14 a night including electric water and sewage – not bad eh?  Rather than boring you with words, photos sort of say it all so here are some from our first 5 weeks.

Oxford is just STUNNING- it is one of those cities that we have passed by so many times on or way to everywhere else but had never been to. A day was enough though for us though.


North Norfolk

And other photos from the last six weeks, some emotional good-buys to friends, work colleagues and our beloved MG and a warm welcome to the smart car (still yet to arrive) and the 2 wheeled additions to the motorcycle carrier, baskets and all – sorry the Harley may have to wait… at least for this winter. Some gorgeous walks and surroundings around Titchfield and brilliant to run or walk for miles.

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