Back ache Heart ache and Brain ache


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Back Ache? – Well we are now the proud renters of a lock up garage, suitably pelleted out and now even with carpet as a safe (hopefully) place to store some of our wordily possessions as well as storing the most valuable and prized ones at Angie’s Dads. Removal van booked – motorhome insurance purchased and most of the house in boxes marked with M – Motorhome, F – France, S- storage. There are far too many M’s.

Heart Ache ? Angie came home from work today with a final leave date of Thursday 25th August – she is then officially un-employed / retired until we hear something from the camping and caravanning club with hopefully a job offer. Sad in a way excited in another.

Brain Ache? – oh my god two weeks on Friday we actually move out of the home we have had for 13 years and out of bricks and mortar for the foreseeable future. We have still got so much to do – I am sure it will be fine but despite us thinking and believing that it is the best thing to do it is still very un-nerving.

HOLIDAY BOOKED HOWEVER – that will keep our mind off of the sadness of leaving – hopefully.

Christmas will never be quite the same


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