The dream becomes a reality

sold board“EXCHANGED”!!!! Yep just over 12 hours ago my brilliant and talented solicitor rang to say that she could not believe it, but she had just made us homeless. For a very brief moment we had that awful sinking feeling of “what have we done” – it lasted but a few moments as it was immediately superseded buy the euphoria of “OMG it is actually going to happen.”

On Tuesday 30th August 2016 we will officially become homeless, and for the first time in our life together Angie and I will not own a property.

At 10a.m on 1st September 2016 we will collect our motor-home “Catori Halona” and the dream will become a reality. A 10 day holiday in her somewhere in the U.K will follow (no fixed agenda, locations or even where to go planned yet- how laid back is that) and then back to work on 12th until the end of September for Gids, living from the motor-home. We will probably go back to the campsite in Verwood  we did our two day work experience at for the first couple of nights to say Hi to Richard Angela Andy and Lorraine who were so nice to us, and then just head off into the yonda for the first time. Cant wait.

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