Were coming Catori Halona.

Our buyers now have their mortgage offer and we hope to exchange in the next week or two as their solicitor seems to have the belief that if it takes longer it looks as though they have done something for their money. Cant grumble though, 3 weeks from offer we are nearly ready to exchange. They popped round today to have a final look prior to exchanging – lovely young couple with a sweet little daughter we hope and trust that they fit in with the neighbors.  We are sure they will. Spoke about completion dates – 30th or 31st August seems to be agreeable to us all, that means a month or two working from the motor-home.

So anyway I was at work on Saturday and the regional support manager from the camping and caravanning club rings up and asks if we could start any earlier than spring 2017 as they may have some vacancies that need filling for a couple of months from October and if so would we be interested. We had planned to work till beginning of November but if two months work was available from the C&C Club this would mean we could start what we want to do earlier and actually earn a bit more and save on site fees – win win. This could be just the ticket to earn a few more pennies to allow us to have a better first tour or even pay for the expense of getting us up and running in our motor-home that we have called ….

“Catori Halona”

Catori for short but we have finally chosen a name for our motorhome. A strange name? -yes! and one that dosnt immediatly run off the tounge? admitidly yes, but very fitting non the same and the more you say it the more it sounds fab and a perfect name for such a perfect beauty of a motorhome. Why Carori Halona  well you will have read that she is an Auto Trail Frontier Comanche.

Catori is the Comanche Indian word for “Spirit” and Halona is the Comanche Indian word for the phrase “of happy fortune”  so literally she is called  “SPIRIT OF HAPPY FORTUNE” We thought it apt and it suits her.

Catori Halona

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