Its 4 months on and July!

So one of the reasons of doing this blog is for us. We thought it would be nice to look back on the thought process and what went through our heads and when. It has already been interesting to review what we thought and how our attitude to life and the future has changed so dramatically in just a few short months. Think what may happen over the next few years.

Looking back – our resistance to change and the need to cling onto things is apparent

Looking forward -we look forward to looking back at our travel experiences and the snippets of memory that they will bring without the trappings of “STUFF” to hold us back .

It is quite amazing that we have gone from

  • “lets think about doing something in the next 5-10 years” In January 2016 to
  • “lets do something next year” in March 2016 to
  • “lets do something towards the end of this year” in April 2016 to finally
  • “oh my god we are only actually going to be doing it in 6 weeks time! Gulp and double Gulp” in July 2016 NOW!

what a roller coaster!!  And we are only 4 months in from our decision to actually do it! Passionate or mad we wait to see….imad pash mages (2)

one or the other or even both, we are doing it now and you know what? sometime the planets just line up and it is just meant to be and has to be done! That is how we are feeling at the moment and we hope that some big black hole “just don’t come along and spit it all out”

Survey being done Monday and contract was issued Monday just gone – its all up to our buyer now and we pray they are as keen on our home as we are keen on our future.

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