Under offer X2

S0 the Bike has gone and there is a big whole in my garage where she used to be. The money from her is in the bank in readiness to pay a deposit on a motorhome and the possible house buyer became a real house buyer. They offered a lot less than we were hoping for but we can still do it with a decent amount to go into the bank . I have always been a believer that life is about “life” and not about material wealth or money for moneys sake therefore we have decided to take the offer bag the money and get on with it. Thanks to the “Brexiteers” we are now coming out of Europe so the whole buying in France thing will have to have a serious re-think and with the possibility of a difficult time ahead on the housing market, taking an offer now rather than holding out for the possibility of a better price in the future seemed the better bet. Went to Southdowns and took my first ever drive of a 30ft Motorhome expecting it to handle like an under powered unyielding lumbering beast of a thing I was absolutely amazed on how spiritedly she accelerated away and how neatly she went round quite tight corners within her allotted side of the road. OK she is no sports car and was empty of stuff, but incredibly drives like a car and doesn’t feel as much like a van as lots of smaller vans and mini buses that I have driven. I forgot I had a further 30ft of motorhome behind me.

Test drive over – out with the debit card – deposit paid – date agreed to collect – early September -Once again if fate looks favorably upon us. so with luck here she is…IMG_2123– need to confirm a name yet but we feel a Comanche Indian name would be fitting and something to do with freedom or free spirit!

and a few photos of her from taken by Southdown’s professional photographer. They had about 30 but I dont think you want to see pictures of drawers and air-con units etc   – we think she is a beaut!

By the way my early mornings have been getting an hour earlier every time. When I Started this blog 5.30 was the norm then 4.30, 3.30, 2.30, its now 2.16 am and I have been up with my mug of tea since 1.30. If it gets any earlier I will be getting up before I go to bed!

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