Work experience & Motorbike to Motorhome

So how did the work experience go? – WE LOVED IT – every single moment of it EVEN cleaning the loos believe it or not. The laid back existence that feels like a lifestyle rather than a job the relaxed environment and NO TARGETS! We got on famously with Richard & Angela the managers and Andy & Lorraine two of the holiday site assistants even being invited over after we had finished and enjoying our last evening with a fish and chip supper and too much alcohol. They all said we would make great site assistants, they would love to have on their site and would recommend us for a position. Fingers crossed.

Sometimes you have to believe in destiny and if its meant to happen it will. I was just passing Southdown Motorhomes between appointments and popped in to see if they ever get any Auto Trail Comanche vans in – “Rarely” was the reply “and when we do they go out so quickly”. I asked if I could leave my name in case. “Yes of course but we rarely get that exact type in”. Within an hour the phone rings “You will never guess what has just happened a few moments after you left a Comanchie has turned up from our valeting yard that had not even made its way onto the stock list -pop over and have a look”  I popped  over the next day expecting to find something I didnt like -How wrong was I it even has a motorcycle rack on the back, a satalite pod on the roof with free view worldwide tv, Full (not just cab) air conditioning, Gasflo gas system, full leather and a full privacy Awning – Great perfect motorhome at the wrong time as we have not sold our house and I also have no takers for the Thundercat just yet – That was yesterday!. Then today Bingo, a bike buyer, a friend of a friend saw it on social media that I posted today and even also the possibility of a buyer for the house. Luck and time will tell once again.  

Picture 275
Out with the motorbike 😦


In with the Motorhome? 🙂

Are we getting old…. or just getting our life and priorities in order?


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