Its Getting Real

Yeh so thinking and planning is a bit different to actually doing! – House is on market as of 5pm last night – Yikes!- We already have two viewers for Saturday morning – double Yikes!! and that is with us winging it on the price because every extra £500 we get will give us another 2-3 weeks away in Europe. Scary stuff and I’m in the business too, so think what non estate agents must go through. Its a lot to give up -we love our garden and we love our home in which we have entertained so many so often but we now look forward to seeing Europe and making new friends from every country and, language barrier aside, folks that share the same outlook as we do. We hope to share experiences and destinations and become proficient in as many languages as we can – time will tell and we may be dreamers but we love the mix of different cultures countries and backgrounds. We aim to search out foreign vans and their occupants and not restrict our social activity to a “Brits only” mentality although I am sure the sound of the mother tongue will be as enticing as honey to a bee. Big week next week – work experience at Verwood!

Entertainers delight

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