Good-by Thundercat- Hello Scooter?

As time trickles on – (Photos of the house are being done on Tuesday and it will be on the market by Thursday) – options become clearer. We have sort of decided that if we can find a decent Comanche then the larger motorhome will be the better option. Although a little more costly to run and a little longer to maneuver it will give us much needed space when in the U.K working on site and the advantage of being able to put a motorbike rack on the back so we can nip in to the cities of Europe without having to rely of pedal power, feet or public transport. Two fold up bikes will go into the garage leaving the back of the motorhome free.

Picture 275
Gid’s Yamaha Thundercat -pretty bike!

Just need to check on weights and allowances but the chance of taking a passion with us excites us even more. An upgrade on the bike was on the cards before we decided on this new life. We assumed that a scooter type would be the only option but another more exciting option exists.

Some scooter thing – Sensible bike.
Harley-Davidson Sportster – FUN!

We can combine two passions in one – Gid’s always wanted to ride some of the most amazing roads in Europe – The Amalfi Coast Road in Italy as an example, but the logistics of getting there, camping, taking all the kit needed on the bike made it a non starter. NOT NOW! As long as the motorhome can take the weight on the back we can do it on a Harley-Davidson. Does it get any better!

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