Work experience

Well we have got a weekend of work experience at the Caravan and Camping site at Verwood on 17th & 18th June. As loimage491fd7ng as we are happy to continue after them doing their best to put us off and as long as they like us of course then we should be offered a place with them for 2017 season.

SNAG! We dont have a caravan or motorhome to use

SOLUTION – Dad to the rescue! Gids parents did the same thing in their mid 50’s and still tour with a car and caravan now into their 80’s. They are an amazing example of how much more life you can get if you give life a chance. As soon as we mentioned the work experience weekend they immediately offered their car and caravan. Gid’s Dad in particular is really keen for us to enjoy the life that they had. We have towed caravans for years so that is not an issue either- thanks Dad.

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