Take the bull by the horns

ins bullWell they say take the bull by the horns and that is exactly what we have done. I announced to my firm that I would be leaving their employment by no later than March 2017 and hopefully much earlier. I wasn’t quite sure how they would react and was very nervous about letting them know but all credit to them Neil my operations director was brilliant. I have yet to find anyone who is not pleased and excited for us! House goes on the market with my firm -obviously- next week – just spent this weekend doing the last finishing touch up jobs that Angie has been asking me to do for the last 3 years. Funny how an imminent move makes you do all those ‘ill do that later jobs’ now! Much to Angie’s displeasure – she has been nagging me to do them for her -Nah!! – ill do it later hun’ but NOW – YES I will do them for the next owner, some stranger we haven’t even met yet. Told the neighbours today – Another round of sad to see you go but amazing. One day we will find someone who isn’t happy to get rid of us – should we be getting a complex.

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